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Serving the west side of the Hood River valley since 1963


ph: 541-386-4299
fx: 541-386-7228
Hours: M-F 8am-4:30pm

Standby Service

Ice Fountain Water District offers a reduced billing rate (Standby) for customers who would like to have their water meters shut off for a period of one month or more. The monthly rate for Standby service is $5.00. To qualify for the reduced rate, customers must notify Ice Fountain Water District in writing to request meter shut off.
Customers must provide the following information in their Standby request:

  • Full name
  • Physical address of the water service
  • Date of requested shut off, which must be during normal business hours and is subject to scheduling availability.

Fax: 541-386-7228
Mail: Ice Fountain Water District, 1185 Tucker Rd., Hood River Oregon 97031

Only Ice Fountain Water District personnel may operate the shut off valve at the meter.
The Standby rate will only be applied after the customer has provided a written request for shut off, and only after the service has been off for 30 days or more. The Standby rate will not be applied retroactively even if the meter reflects no usage.